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Dear Friends of Bad Axe,
The Bad Axe Historical Society is again conducting its annual financial and membership campaign. Thank you
for your support in the past. We have several projects to continue to complete. In 2020, the museums were
unable to open due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This gave us the opportunity to clean, sort, and identify areas of

The Bad Axe Museum of Local History is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Bad Axe. This year the
front walk from the main sidewalk to the museum porch needs to be replaced as the cracks etc. could cause
Our fund-raiser this year will be a brick paver campaign to landscape this area. As you approach
the museum, bricks engraved with names from past and present families, businesses or individuals will add
to the history of Bad Axe. Enclosed is more information about the Brick Campaign.
These would be a unique
gift to share with family, employees, or businesses to be a part of the memory and history of Bad Axe.

Please use order form below to purchase bricks:
-All donations will include a one-year membership to the Bad Axe Historical Society
-Patrons will continue to be recognized as “Friends of the Bad Axe Historical Society” on the display board in the garden,
and will receive a brick included in their donation.
-We are planning to install the bricks in the late spring of 2021
See information below picture for donating/ordering.


The PDF with more information and an order form can be printed and mailed with donation: brick donation and order form

It can also be printed, filled out, then scanned & emailed to us and you can pay online by using Paypal:

Link for donation through  PayPal

More information can be viewed on the Bad Axe Historical Society Facebook Page

You may also contact the Bad Axe Historical Society directly at the following email:  badaxehistorical@yahoo.com





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